Are we born to drive?

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Compared to a vehicle, our brain processes data at a speed of around 8 km/h, even when we are driving at 130 km/h. The complexity of the act of driving is often underestimated. Understanding the complex mechanisms of the human mind while driving, understanding what happens when a stimulus reaches the brain, how long it takes to process it and what mental traps we can fall into are some of the topics this book addresses. With concrete and practical language, in a direct dialogue with the reader, the author leads us to reflect on the mistakes that are made behind the wheel. Unfortunately sometimes fatal errors! However, training the brain to be more efficient while driving is possible and this book explains how, with adequate training, we can become more aware, attentive and reliable drivers.

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AUTHOR: Marco Mazzocco, who has always been involved in road safety and driving training. In 2010 he founded Efficient Driving, with the aim of transmitting know-how on correct, safe and efficient driving techniques, with the use of innovative teaching methodologies.
PREFACE BY: Leonardo Milani, psychologist and mental trainer of the Italian Acrobatic Team, Frecce Tricolori;
Fabio Tosolin, president of the Italian Association of Analysis and Behavior Modification and of the Association for the Advancement of Radical Behavior Analysis
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